The Main Components of a Solar Panel

The fact that solar power can be utilized to generate electricity was first discovered by a scientist in 1954. He discovered so, when he found an element of sand, silicon, expelled electric charge with its exposure to sunlight. It is since then that the concept of trapping the sun’s energy in boards or panels so that it could be used to generate electricity began. Hand in hand with technology solar power reached the household and other commercial concerns.

Now Southern California could be said to be the hub of solar power panels. It was by the efforts of the Horizon Solar Power that solar power was made available to 50 cities across the continent and slowly they became Southern California’s leading installers of solar electric systems. Founded in 1998, this privately held company pride’s in its exclusive state of the art customer service making it one of the top ten solar power providers in the United Sates.

The Solar PV system has four basic components, where PV stands for the photovoltaic panels. They are:

  1. The solar panels or the solar PV panels
  2. Inverters
  3. Performance monitoring systems
  4. Racking and mounting systems

There are two types of solar panels, namely, the mono-crystalline solar panel and the poly-crystalline solar panel. The work of these panels is to capture the sun’s rays and convert it into energy. The cost and efficiency is what makes one different from the other.

The inverters are also available in two forms, one is the micro inverter and the other is the string inverter. The work of any inverter is to convert the direct current electricity stored from the sun’s energy into alternate current electricity which is the common form of electricity used in any household or commercial area. Along with the two types of inverters, there is another system called the power optimizer. They could be said to be a hybrid between the micro and the string inverter.

The installation of a solar electric system within your premises involves a lot of laborious work and the employment of the racking and mounting system. These are used to fix the solar panel system either on your rooftop or on the ground. The most convenient feature of this mounting system is that it allows you to pan your solar panel at an angle that will be best for capturing the sun’s rays. The two types of mounts available are the track mount and the fixed mount.

While the former one follows the rays of the sun by changing its directions throughout the day, the latter one remains fixed. The experts of installing these things are the people of the Horizon Solar Power Company around California. They have taken up the task of educating more and more people about the numerous benefits of switching over to solar power and how easily it can be installed in their premises. This company is reputed to have excellent customer services and they maintain their reputation by giving individual attention to each of their customers.

Whether or not the solar panel system is working efficiently is constantly monitored with either the on-site monitoring system or the remote monitoring system.